Do Better to Provide Brewery & Bar Employees with Safer Work Environments

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Sexual harassment at a brewery? No, really? No, really! Breweries across the nation have been covered with a plume of the sexual harassment bomb. That is, on the heels of the #MeToo movement, social media has recently exploded with posts by brave women of allegations of sexual harassment in breweries nationwide claiming a toxic work environment for women in the craft beer and bar industry.

The outpour of harassment stories erupted from an Instagram thread started by Brienne Allan, production manager at a brewery in Salem, Mass. And within weeks, Brienne followers grew from 2,200 to 58,000 with many in San Diego sharing dozens of their own misogyny experiences.

As reported by San Diego Union-Tribune, with San Diego hosting nearly 160 breweries crafting the most amazing IPA’s, they are not exempt from the cloud that has casted allegations of harassment even among of the most popular breweries. The avalanche of claims has forced CEO’s to step down, managers to resign and breweries rushing to ensure Human Resources compliance.

Dave Infante, who recently wrote a piece on VinePair, As Allegations of Harassment and Abuse Send Shock Waves Through the Craft Beer Industry, Will Workers Take Action?,

Craft brewing workers possess powerful leverage to exert that pressure.

Infante further adds for

…real, sustained movement that makes the industry safer and more equitable for women-identifying workers and drinkers — and BIPOC, LGBTQ+ community members, and everyone else, too. It will require ongoing pressure on bosses and industry leaders to secure lasting changes.

For this reason, all employees need a safe place. That is, a place, a person or source they can trust when confronted with harassment, discrimination or unfair work practices. One that would support and ensure that their voice is heard.

Alastair can be that trusted source. A professional Human Resources partner locally operating in San Diego that can ensure that human relationships are maintained but, more importantly, respected!

Abe Ramos

Strategy & Business Development

Managing Member

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